1994 New York Academy of Art

New York, NY

MFA, Painting

1989  LAMDA
London, UK
Honors, Theatre

1986 Davidson College
Davidson, NC
BA, English Lit

1985 Edinburgh University
Edinburgh, Scotland

Honors, English Lit and Art History

Born in North Carolina
Lives/Works in New York

and Provincetown

Selected Solo 

2019 “Silent Noon”
Provincetown, MA

2018 “Evening”
Provincetown, MA

2017  “Ghosts”

Provincetown, MA

2016 “Lowlands”

Provincetown, MA

2014 “Arrival”

Provincetown, MA

2010 “Crossways”
Marx & Zavattero
San Francisco, CA

2007 “Porches”
Heather Marx Gallery
San Francisco, CA

2005 “Passage”

Heather Marx Gallery
San Francisco, CA

2002 “Interiors”
Heather Marx Gallery
San Francisco, CA

2000 “Pilgrims”
Elizabeth Leach Gallery
Portland, OR

1999 “Vigil”

Elizabeth Leach Gallery
Portland, OR

Selected Group 

2016   "Scratch"

Provincetown, MA

2015   "Last Look"

Provincetown, MA

2013-14   "Hello, Goodbye"
Dolby Chadwick Gallery
San Francisco, CA

2012   "Two Loves – Sex, Art, 
and the Love That Dare Not 
Speak Its Name"
Kymara Gallery
Biddeford, ME

2012 "SEEN"
Visual Aid Gallery
San Francisco, CA

2012 "New York Academy of Art 
Sixth Annual Summer Exhibition"

New York, NY

2011 "Sea Change"
Marx & Zavattero
San Francisco, CA

2011 "The Elegance of Refusal"

San Francisco, CA

2009 "Seldom Seen"
Leslie/Lohman Foundation
New York, NY

2009 "Figuratively Speaking"
Lyons Wier Gallery
New York, NY

2009 "Then and Now:
Site Specific Works in 
Commemoration of the 
40th Anniversary of the 
Stonewall Riots"
The LGBT Community Center
New York, NY

2008 "Color Key"
The Painting Center
New York, NY

2005 "Point of View"
Cypress College Fine Arts Gallery
Cypress, CA

2005 "Human Figure / Figure Humaine"
Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal, QC

2004 "Art 2004"
Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal, QC

2003 "Re-presenting Representation"
Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY

2002 "Identity: The Process of 
Search and Transformation"
Lewis and Clark College
Portland, OR

2002 "Nouvelle Représentation"
Galerie de Bellefeuille
Montréal, QC

2001 "The Inaugural Exhibition"
Heather Marx Gallery
San Francisco, CA

2000 "Delicate Tissue"
M.Y. Art Projects
New York, NY

1998 "Dialogues with Visual Tradition"
New York Academy
New York, NY
(curated by Philip Pearlstein)

1998 "The 1998 National Competition"
First Street Gallery
New York, NY
(curated by Edward Thorp)

1997 "Know New York"
Elizabeth Leach Gallery
Portland, OR

1996 "Gallery on Second Group Show"
Gallery on Second
New York, NY
(curated by Barbara Krulik)

1995 "The Kitchen Benefit Show"
Brooke Alexander Gallery
New York, NY

1994 "Figurative Artists at The W.T.C."
4 World Trade Center
New York, NY


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